CEO develops a formula that measures IT Team Performance.

Jeppe Hedaa’s new book, Nucleon, introduces a revolutionary formula that incorporates years of research, best practices, experience and empirical studies, to provide a single, comparable number on what was previously unknown — an IT development team’s performance.

A longtime CEO in the IT space, Hedaa observed that few companies measured IT department performance. He knew intuitively that the absence of this integral metric costs companies millions in lost productivity, but also recognized that no resource existed to measure this essential element. He set out to change that, and developed a method — captured in a mathematical formula — that universally empowers companies to measure their IT departments’ performance objectively, accurately, and actionably.

The Nucleon formula measures the effectiveness of any IT organization in three areas, People, Organization, and Complexity:

The People Factor:

Hedaa’s research reveals that an IT team’s top performers deliver at least 20 times better performance than that of colleagues judged to be of lesser talent. The Nucleon formula precisely measures the impact of your individual IT team members on a company’s bottom line.

The Organization Factor:

No matter how talented a team’s top performers may be, poor organization hurts performance. The Nucleon formula calculates the extent to which a department’s team size, level of bureaucracy, decision-maker proximity, and performance spillover either increase or decrease its performance.

The Complexity Factor:

Nucleon calculates the degree to which complexity in culture, methodology, legacy systems and enterprise architecture reduces an IT department’s performance.By using the steps outlined in Nucleon and taking the free Nucleon online assessment, stakeholders ranging from Project Managers to CIOs and CEOs now have a proven method for calculating their IT team’s performance.

With the Nucleon formula and assessment companies will gain invaluable insights into what’s holding their IT departments back and what improvements will have the greatest impact on future performance.

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