Medical Minutes Shed Light on Facial Plastic Surgery

Medical Minutes Shed Light on Facial Plastic Surgery

Tampa Cosmetic Surgeon Works to Inform Patients, One Video at a Time

 When it comes to facial plastic surgery, patients and prospective patients often have many questions, and the wealth of information available online can seem overwhelming and confusing. What’s worse, not all of it is written by accredited physicians with the knowledge and expertise necessary to properly advise people on these subjects, resulting in plenty of misguided tips and conflicting information.

That’s why Dr. Adam Scheiner, an expert in laser eyelid and facial plastic surgery, has begun releasing a regular series of “Medical Minutes” – short videos that tackle specific question and issues surrounding facial plastic surgery in around a minute’s time. Medical Minute topics range from procedure-specific questions to health tips to social and cultural discussions about the concept of beauty. To date, Medical Minutes have addressed topics like, “What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?”, “The Myth About Cosmetic Surgery and Vanity” and “How to Treat Lines Around the Lips”

The goal of these brief videos is to help patients become more informed about the many procedures available to them and allay common concerns and questions Dr. Scheiner often encounters in his practice.

“I hear so many questions from patients considering cosmetic procedures as a means of making their outside image reflects their inside reality, that I felt a responsibility to provide a resource for those considering these procedures," Dr. Scheiner sais. "This is why I started producing these Medical Minutes. I hope they prove to be a useful resource to people who are considering these procedures."

Dr. Scheiner is considered the leading expert on the removal of Eyelid Festoons (commonly known as under-eye bags) and Malar Mounds and attracts clients from around the world to his Tampa office. He has been a featured health expert on The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, The Howard Stern Show, in The New York Post, and on local and national affiliates of Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC.

These Medical Minutes, which can be found at, are available for re-use for the sake of helping people gain a better understanding about the many questions surrounding facial plastic surgery and personal beauty. To re-use one or more of these videos, Dr. Scheiner simply requests that you include an attribution back to the original Medical Minute at its original URL.

“Those seeking help restoring, revealing and reclaiming their natural beauty through the large range of cosmetic procedures available deserve a guide to navigating this often confusing landscape. My Medical Minutes are an attempt to help provide some of that guidance,” said Dr. Scheiner.

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Elizabeth Kanna
Elizabeth Kanna
About Adam Scheiner, M.D

Based in Tampa, Dr. Adam Scheiner is a world-renowned eyelid and cosmetic surgeon, specializing in treatment of Festoons. His approach to facial rejuvenation, called Perfect Proportions, is broadly recognized for helping patients in achieving powerful yet natural results. He treated two complex causes of Festoons for the Dr. Oz and TV shows. He is also the author of "The True Definition of Beauty" which can be found on Amazon.