RESET for Sun Damage

RESET for Sun Damage

New RESET® treatment reverses sun-damaged facial skin.

New treatment wipes away years of sun damage, precursors to skin cancer, and restores youthful skin. 

You Don’t Have to Be Stuck with Facial Sun Damage.  Dr Adam Scheiner, an expert in laser eyelid and facial plastic surgery,  is offering his proprietary RESET® treatment for Festoons to treat sun damaged skin and pre-cancerous skin lesions.

With results that last for years, RESET® For Sun Damage uses the technology of Laser Skin Resurfacing and a proprietary healing protocol to reverse facial sun damage and remove many pre-cancers - even some active skin cancers.

The treatment will be exceptionally welcome for anyone who achieved a healthy tan outside or used a tanning bed, only to later in life witness the evidence of damage in the form of brown spots, facial lines, and wrinkles. What makes RESET® particularly intriguing for patients is Dr. Scheiner’s discovery; that pre-cancers above and below the skin surface and some active skin cancers, could be improved by treating the entire face, rather than focusing on individual spots.

“Many people don’t realize how dramatically Ultraviolent (UV) rays negatively impact the collagen and elastic fibres in our skin, as well as damaging the DNA in our skin cells. Once we start to notice its effects, it’s too late! Thankfully, RESET® for Sun Damage allows you to reset any cumulative sun damage to reveal younger, tighter, healthier skin,“ says Dr. Adam  Scheiner.

Dr. Scheiner is considered the leading expert on the removal of Eyelid Festoons and Malar Mounds, and attracts clients from around the world to his Tampa office.

“Festoons caused by sun damage are a condition that most physicians don’t want to treat due to its complexity nor do they have an effective, specialized treatment for the condition. For this reason, I have been fortunate to help people with Festoons and malar mounds from around the globe and even be a resource for other cosmetic surgeons who have been referring patients with Festoons to me for treatment,” says Dr. Adam J. Scheiner.


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About Adam Scheiner, M.D

Based in Tampa, Dr. Adam Scheiner is a world-renowned eyelid and cosmetic surgeon, specializing in treatment of Festoons. His approach to facial rejuvenation, called Perfect Proportions, is broadly recognized for helping patients in achieving powerful yet natural results. He treated two complex causes of Festoons for the Dr. Oz and TV shows. He is also the author of "The True Definition of Beauty" which can be found on Amazon.