Tampa Cosmetic Surgeon’s Practice Helps Drive Economic Growth Through Reverse Medical Tourism

When most people think of tourism in Tampa, they picture the draw of the area’s sandy beaches and sunny weather. There’s been much in the news recently about how fast Tampa is growing, such as Jeff Vinik’s recent announcement of a billion-dollar investment in the waterfront area. But everyday, local businesses also contribute to Florida’s economic growth ways that may not be so obvious.

Tampa has become a destination for what is known as “reverse medical tourism.” While U.S. patients have sought out cheaper medical care in other countries for years (a phenomenon known as “medical tourism”), overseas patients are now coming to the U.S. for specialized services by providers they can only find here.

One of these providers is local Laser Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Scheiner, whose Tampa Bay-based practice has patients flying in from around the world to seek his medical expertise. Dr. Scheiner is one of the only physicians in the world able to successfully treat eyelid Festoons (commonly known as under-eye bags). He has been a featured health expert on the Dr. Oz show and The Doctors, in The New York Post, and on local and national affiliates of Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC.

Overseas patients utilize Dr. Scheiner’s customized Destination Program to fly into Tampa Bay from all over the world -- places ranging from the UK to Australia to Singapore to Dubai. While they’re here for treatment, these patients stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, shop in our malls, enjoy our arts and cultural offerings and visit our sporting arenas.

“I love the Tampa Bay area,” Dr. Scheiner said, “and I believe it’s important as a business owner to support your community. I’m proud that my destination patients are able to help boost the Tampa economy by not only coming here for my services, but spending time enjoying all that our community and city has to offer.”

About Adam Scheiner, M.D

Based in Tampa, Dr. Adam Scheiner is a world-renowned eyelid and cosmetic surgeon, specializing in treatment of Festoons. His approach to facial rejuvenation, called Perfect Proportions, is broadly recognized for helping patients in achieving powerful yet natural results. He treated two complex causes of Festoons for the Dr. Oz and TV shows. He is also the author of "The True Definition of Beauty" which can be found on Amazon.